Neon Wedding Ideas To Brighten Up Your Day

The neon color scheme is something you just can’t brush aside. It’s an ideal choice for any couple seeking a stylish, playful, and quirky look. They also act as a great focal point. The charismatic and alluring spark of these colors adds a unique charm to the whole wedding decoration. So if you wish to light up your intimate celebrations, it’s time to hop on to the neon sign wedding trend bandwagon. Here are some of the coolest ones we spotted off late!

Shine On the Sweethearts


How lovely would this look like the backdrop of your wedding photos? After all, The Beatles said it right when they sang- “All you need is love.” Especially in the hot pink example pictured.  This glowing signage is a perfect way to greet guests at your reception and set the tone for the rest of the decor.


Showcase the View

What better way to celebrate your union than by putting your family name in the light? Once you take a pic under your shiny new moniker, you also have your thank-you card photo all set. This neon wedding sign of the newlyweds’ shared name is displayed artistically inside this tented venue. We love how it draws attention toward the lush green outdoor views.